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The Story of How to Become Like Zaeem

Our story began from early wakes of a boy who lost his father in his childhood (1941) and tried very hard to provide for the family in the company of his brothers and sisters. A peasant from south of Khorasan province, surrounded by saffron farms since his birth. Hardship in life made him a strong man and in love with his family. He spent his entire teens and youth trying to meet the family demands. Entering into a marital relation even blessed his life more and multiplied his earnings. Finally, he decided to go out of the small world of the village and experience trade with neighboring cities and villages (1951). During this period, he used to take rural products including saffron and all sorts of cereals and beans and return with what the village people needed. Now, he had become a trustee of the people who knew they could count on him in their hardships and problems. With people's support and trust and the experience Mr. Gholamreza AMIRI obtained in these years, he decided to change the path of his life and develop his business. That's why on their pilgrimage to Mashhad together with his wife and family, after praying in the shrine, he said something in mesmerizing words to Imam Reza's shrine and then announced to his travelling companions that he was going to stay in Mashhad! The decision made by him and his wife surprised their friends, as saying goodbye to them and returning to the village was difficult for them. It was hard for both sides to miss each other. However, they accepted the hardship caused by making a change, because there is a saying "Love looks simple at first, but problems start when you enter its realm." This was how Zaeem Complex started its work, though initially the brand name Nemoone Saffron was used for the products and services that were supplied.

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Theresa Serrano Theresa Serrano

زعفران دسته

زعفران سرگل

زعفران پوشال

زعفران سوپر نگین

Denis McLeod Denis McLeod

نبات نی دار

نبات شاخه

Royce Allen Royce Allen

زعفران رشته ای بریده ممتاز

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